Looking To Hire?

Radio... The perfect place to find better qualified job applicants

It reaches people who are not actively looking for a job
but may want to explore better opportunities.
It allows your message to stand alone
unlike the classifieds where all the ads compete with your message.

WOXO 92.7 (Norway) & 100.7 (Rumford) plus WEZR 105.5 & 1240 (Lewiston) are best for you because...

When you look at our coverage map, you can see a wide area where your message will go. We have been the favorite radio station in the heart of Maine for years, so your message will be heard.

Our prices are low, especially compared to newspaper. You can receive 4 messages on all four of our stations including country 92.7 and 100.7, plus adult comtemporary WEZR in L/A; one of Maine's largest markets.

Here are 3 options:

30 seconds on all 4 stations, all for only $360:

Four (4), 30 second messages per day for 5 days


Two (2), 30 second messages per day for 10 days

Either one, scheduled 5 AM to 7 PM.
4 Stations for only $18 per message.

Please indicate which option you would like and fax to (207) 514-8444. We will call you to discuss the message. Thanks!

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